About Me


First of all: WELCOME to my blog. Thanks for taking the time to hang around, read around and explore.

You probably came to this part of the blog, because you’re curious, so let me tell you just a couple of things about me:

  • I was born in Poland (roughly thirty years ago…) and grew up in Germany, where I also went to college.
  • During college I lived in Paris for half a year, there I met my amazing (american) husband
  • We spent almost six years in a long distance relationship, him in the US, me in Germany
  • After five years we decided to get married, but continued to live apart for almost a year after that due to our jobs
  • I moved to the USA after obtaining a german license in Psychotherapy, so my husband and I could live together
  • My german license doesn’t transfer that easily here, so I took the opportunity to try something new and exciting

And now here I am, in beautiful Seattle (Washington), following my crafting and do-it-yourself passion.
I always loved to try new things, decorate, craft, and upcycle things others would throw away.
And that is what Craftchen is all about:

Simple and easy ideas, that look great, but don’t burn a hole in your wallet or need fancy tools.


But wait, what does the word Craftchen even mean?

Well, my husband and I speak English together, but he is learning to speak german. So one thing we love to do, is to mix and merge the two languages, kind of take the best out of both worlds.
This results in us creating new words, for example by adding english endings to german words, like in “Kuschel-ing”, or by adding german endings to english words – like in Bed-chen!

“-chen” is a diminutive ending in german and I think it just makes every word sound cuter and nicer, by simply adding those four letters 😊
And since I try to achieve exactly that with my crafts- to make things more beautiful in a simple way – my husband suggested “Craftchen”, and I immediately loved it.

So, I hope you do, too. I hope you enjoy the craftchens, get inspired and make them your own. Have fun! Be creative! Do it your way!

And if you feel like sharing, I would love for you to comment, link or contact me!

your Majka

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