DIY Christmas Ornaments: little Bells

Oh, so here comes a post about a cute idea I had on the weekend, and I wanted to share it with you: How to make cute little bells for your Christmas tree from little terracotta clay pots. Another DIY Christmas Ornaments idea! (I hope you’re not getting bored, yet ;))

As always, let me share the process with you: I had these little terracotta clay pots, about 2 inches high, that I got at our local nursery for under a dollar (I found some similar ones here*). First I had little air plants in there, but those unfortunately didn’t like my green thumb (usually I am pretty good with plants, but those things…just weird. I mean, they don’t even need soil…).

And so I was looking at the little pots and figured: if I turn them upside down, they could actually make nice christmas ornaments! and who doesn’t love that!

So I sat down, experimented a little, sweat a lot to find an easy solution…failed a couple of times, slept over it, tried the next day, and voila!

They are fairly easy to make, low cost*, but look really pretty in the end with the right paint.

I painted them in my favorite christmas colors this year, so they would match the rest of our christmas ornaments – and because I already had the supplies at home from the other DIY Christmas Ornaments (so I didn’t need to buy new stuff, yay).

It is regular acrylic paint from a discounter and I chose an off-white egg color and a very light brownish/beige color for the outside.
The inside was a little trickier, so I experimented with a charcoal grey, glitter and a golden paint.

As you can see with the end results, my favorite was the golden. Nothing beats that subtle shimmer when the light gets reflected.

You can of course paint them in the color of your liking. I thought dark red shades would also look stunning, or a nice dark purple on the outside with the golden shimmer inside! If you try out different colors, I would love to see your results! (email me, or post in the comment section!)

Then the next step, my favorite part…making it pretty!

I stayed a little minimalistic on these, as you can see. I only added a couple of stamped out stars from nice paper that I bought at JoAnn’s (of course during their 12 for 2 $ deal :)), and a ribbon. With the egg white as the background color that is really all it needed, don’t you think?


And then after you are happy with your design, you will need to add the bell inside. First I tried using big beads I strung on some transparent cord, which made a really nice sound, but didn’t look as nice as I wanted it to.

So I made little balls out of polymer clay and strung those on twine.



So that part is a little tricky. You have to string the clay balls on your twine, and then measure out the distance inside the bell, so you know how long your twine is supposed to be – you want the clay ball to come out approximately half way. Then you make double and triple knots at that length into your twine. Then when you thread your twine through the bell, it will hang on the knots.

And that’s it! I hope it sounds and looks beautiful for you, too!

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As always I would love for you to comment, share your thoughts, ideas and own designs.




PS. Here’s my shopping list* for the little bells: