DIY Christmas Ornaments: Origami Stars

Have you ever wondered what you can do with all those cute Origami ideas and creations? I mean, I always have a lot of fun folding them, but honestly, then they often just end up in a box. And they just look too good for that, don’t you think?

After all you put a lot of sweat and love into that paper. How about this year, you just use them as christmas ornaments! I know, not too new of an idea, is it…but before you stop reading, what if I told you, you don’t have to use expensive paper, and still have gorgeous stars?


So in this post I want to share two things with you:

1. my excitement for Christmas and Craftchens and,
2. my 10 ideas for simple DIY Origami Star Ornaments designs


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If you know me, you may have noticed that I LOVE Christmas. It is probably my favorite holiday of the year. I mean, what is not to love about it? Everything just gets so cosy and pretty. I love the lights and the colours. I love being outside in the cold (of course wearing the proper clothing to not actually BE cold) and then coming inside to a hot cup of tea, my couch with its cosy blanket and a good netflix show. And I love the time you can spend inside to craft.

So this year, I wanted to add DIY Christmas Ornaments to our tree. For one, because it is nice to look at (at least that’s what I hope 🙂) and second, it is a cheap way to fill the tree. Searching online for christmas ornament ideas, I stumbled upon Origami Stars.

To fold the Origami Stars, I found this great instructional post with two videos: one to fold a pentagon, and the second one on how to use that to fold the star.

Of course you can buy (expensive) origami paper (I bought eight sheets for around 6 dollars because I wanted golden ones). The paper comes in a square format and is easy to fold. It also has a nice shimmer and texture to it.


But I was fairly disappointed with the quality of the result.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, they still look nice. But I just thought they were not worth the money (around six dollars for only four stars? That’s not a cheap tree filler…) Plus, the paper is fairly thin so the star isn’t very stable.  And on top of that, the paper was only one-sided, which left a huge white spot on the back of my stars. That doesn’t look too good in the tree…

So I experimented a little with different papers and finally found that the brown paper bags from the supermarket, the ones you can bag your groceries with at the end, work great.

YES, the only-10cents-for-one-big-bag-where-I-can-cut-out-pentagons-for-at-least-ten-stars ones!
As you can imagine I was pretty pumped about that. We had them lying around the apartment anyway!

So I simply cut out a pentagon on cardboard, cut open the paper bags and traced the pentagons on the inside (that part doesn’t have any print on it!), then cut out the pentagon and folded my stars:

And that is already half the deal. I think you can also leave them plain and simple, if you like. But I always enjoy glitter and gold and shimmer for my christmas decoration, so I “pimped” my stars, using the following materials:




glitter glue
golden paint
golden pen
golden gel pen


And with these you can go crazy on the designs and make unique and beautiful Origami Star Christmas Ornaments.

So, I hope you will enjoy looking over my decorated stars and I hope that it will inspire you to just get going yourself. It is really easy, simple and cheap, but yet effective. A true Craftchen project.

– and if you make some yourself, I would love for you to post a pic in the comment box
– and please share, share, share 🙂


10 Origami Star Christmas Ornament Designs – by myCraftchens

So for my first star I just painted the edges golden with an acrylic paint that I bought at a discounter store.
This was really easy but it gives the star a nice shimmer. I love the simplicity of it and can’t wait to hang it in the tree.

Tip: Try to not paint straight edges but have the lines look like an inbound arrow. This way the star looks more like a star 🙂

For the second one I used the same paint as mentioned with the first star, but I just dipped the edges in the paint instead of painting it with a brush.

Tip: Make sure you then lie down the star on parchment to dry. With the paint I used it didn’t stick to the parchement and I could easily pick it up without damaging the star

The third star is, as you can probably guess, also really simple. I painted the edges with my golden paint…and then put some golden glitter glue on top.
I usually prefer using glitter glue instead of glitter on top of glue, because it sticks and doesn’t get the glitter everywhere. But more on that topic later…


For this lovely one, I cut a piece of golden wire, threaded golden pearls on it and then wrapped it around the star. It looked a little “empty” in the middle, so I added (you can probably guess, since I am obsessed with it)…Glitter Glue!

Tip: don’t wrap the wire too tight or it will bend your star. I also left some wire at the top so I can hang my star from it.

I don’t know about you guys, but I love doodles and doodeling (I am not sure that is a word, but you get me, right?), I am just not very good at it. So for this star, I went online and searched for “christmas doodle patterns” and found these simple snowflakes.

Then I took my golden pen and added the snowflake doodles in different sizes.

Tip: I added a straight golden line to the edges to make my star pop out more.

As I mentioned earlier, I prefer glitter glue to regular glitter. But I still couldn’t resist to make a VERY GLITTERY star. After all, what is Christmas without massive amounts of glitter. For that one I upfolded the tips of the edges a little, brushed some glue all in there, and just “dumped” some glitter onto it.

Tip: To get rid of excess glitter (I put a looooot onto it), I shook the star a little over a piece of parchment, so that I could put the extra glitter back in my container.

If you touch it now, you will still end up with glitter on your hands. And of course, when you touch your face then, you look like a sparkling unicorn for the rest of the day (or until you notice, or somebody else tells you). BUT the star looks amazing. (Note to myself: I should probably read about how to fixate the glitter more properly)

For the next star, I tried out a couple of ribbons (different sizes, different colours, different fabrics) until I went with this white one from a Ribbon Box I found at Michaels.I simply made it into a bow and added a line of stars that I made myself (I simply strung up some of these golden stars on a thread).

Tip: After I strung up the stars, I soaked the thread in glue and then aligned my stars on the soaked part of the thread. That way the stars stay in place and spread out.

Let the string dry properly before attaching it to the star.

For this star I simply took leftover golden Origami strips and wrapped them around the edges, glueing them in the back.

yes, that is already it 🙂

I love the shimmer of this one. I kept this one simple, but if you want to add sparkles and glitter, go for it! There is lots of space in the middle!

This star looks similar to the previous one, but for this one I was even “lazier” (the simpler the better, am I right?)

So I basically just had this washi tape lying around, which I then wrapped around the edges, leaving the tips uncovered.

And then, of course, glitter glue in the middle 🙂

As my last one I tried to change the shape of my star a little by adding a second layer.

I simply laid down my star on some paper, marked the edges, and added spikes in between. That I cut out and glued to the back of my star.

Tip: To add more dimension to it, colour or decorate the background layer. I put glitter glue on it 🙂


Now what do you think? Which star is your favorite? How would you decorate your star?

Also, I tried to keep this an inspirational post so the instructions are rather short. Let me know if you want more information on any of them.

P.S.: here is your shopping list:



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