DIY Christmas Ornaments: Paper Honeycombs

Another week passed and christmas is already next week. Next week, guys, how fast did that go by? Can you believe it?

Our christmas tree is already up and all my handmade ornaments are in the tree. We went for a rustic, golden style this year, and boy does it look spectacular! Especially the Twine Angels look stunning!

But as we decorated the tree, I really felt the need to have some more round ornaments to compliment the stars, angels and bells. So I decided to make one more ornament. I didn’t think I would have the energy, but I fell in love with these honeycomb paper ornaments that I found online.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a tutorial for that link. So I made my own. As always there was a lot of trial and error, but in the end, they turned out pretty nice. And they look amazing in the tree.

All you need is some glue and paper. I used an old book I had found and ripped the pages out (it was a really old book, forgive me…)




As you can see, for some balls I used blank pages, and some where you can see the writing. I also made some with ribbon and golden wire. To some I added glitter glue on the edges. They sparkle really nicely in the tree. As you know, I am not a big fan of regular glitter, but I saw some honeycomb ornaments where they filled the inside of each comb with glitter. That also looked nice.




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For these ornaments all you really need is some paper (or book pages), glue, twine, scissors and your choice of decoration.



(1) make a round template out of cardboard. Chose the diameter according to how big you will want your ornaments to be.

(2) Next you trace that template on the paper of your choice, and cut out at least 12 circles. The more circles you have, the denser your honeycomb pattern will be. I found 12 to be the minimum for it to not rip later.

(3) Then fold each circle in half. This will make the next step easier.


(4) Now you will need to unfold the circle and add glue in the middle of it (in the picture: the area inbetween the lines).

(5) Then fold the circle as shown in the picture. Repeat for all circles.

(6) Once all your circles are individually glued, you will want to glue them together. So start with one, add glue on the outside (in the picture: left and right of the line). Apply enough glue, then stack another piece on top of that.

(7) Repeat, until all the pieces are glued on top of one another.

(8) Allow enough time to dry! You don’t want it to come apart later on. I added clips to apply enough pressure.

(9) Once the glue dried, remove the clips and start pulling the ends apart. Take your time, don’t rip too much. You might have to seperate some layers, if the glue spread where you didn’t want it to.


(10) Before glueing the ends together, cut a piece of twine and place it in the middle. This will be your string later.

(11) Now you can apply glue to the middle (in the picture: inbetween the lines) and close your ball.

(12) Secure with clips again, where you glued the two ends and let dry sufficiently!

(13) If you want, you can then add glitter glue to the edges…

….and that’s it ♥


What do you think. Do you like it?

Let me know if you have any questions or ideas for improvement. And please share:

December 11, 2017
December 17, 2017