gift guide: magical unicorns

Who doesn’t love unicorns? Everything they stand for and how they make you feel! And then all those adorable products!

Well, there is a lot, I mean a loooooot of merchandise out there these days. It is easy to get overwhelmed. So I sorted through all the goodies, and sorted through them again, and again, and then finally came up with my favorite unicorn gifts and items!

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do, and that you will find the right item or the perfect gift.

Leave a comment, if you like any of them and/or already bought something and want to let us know how you like it.

Click on the picture, if you like it, it will lead you directly to the product*, as easy as that 🙂

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magical unicorn outfits

Here are some very cute clothing items I found. You must have the one-piece (1) – it is surprisingly comfortable and comes with a hood. They also make it in different colors. To add some sparkle to the winter time I recommend the hat with an integrated scarf (2)! Make sure the size fits you! Though it is advertised as for kids, some customers complain that it is more of an adult size!
I couldn’t decide which slippers are my favorite, so here is my top 3 (4), (5) and (6)

1) 2) 3)
4) 5) 6)


Unicorns to add magical fun to not sparkling days

I feel like some items need an explanation to be fully appreciated 😉 (7) for example is an adorable lip gloss that will just make you smile every time you fetch it out of your purse. And I love the ultra plush key chain (11) and the glitter pooping unicorns (10). They remind me of the 90’s – almost nostalgic here…

10) 11) 12)
13) 14) 15)
16) 17) 18)


Unicorns to sparkle up your apartment

If you are looking for some unique items for decoration, just look at these. The blanket (20) is a must-have and one of the most adorable unicorn prints I’ve seen. The wall clocks are both so pretty, and (22) is also non-ticking, which is crucial if you want to add it to your bedroom. And of course (21) comes with the famous print: “always be yourself, unless you can be a unicorn, then always be a unicorn”.

19) 20) 21)
22) 23) 24)


Unicorns to make you shine

For the jewelry I looked really hard, because you just gotta get that one right! My favorite is probably the Origami necklace (28) because it is so pure, stylish and minimalistic, but yet so beautiful. and the head band (25) is darn cute. Then you can go ahead and put it all in the jewelry stand (32)- genius!
For the more exquisite taste try (30)!

25) 26) 27)
28) 29) 30)
31) 32) 33)
34) 35) 36)


unicorns to travel in style

How gorgeous and practical is the neck pillow (40)! For the abroad traveler, the passport holder (37) is a must have, it comes with a travel tag – super cute! If you work while travelling (42) is a fun one to have, an external portable battery pack (goes well with (13), the USB drive!). And (41) is a gorgeous set of pouches! Really all you need for traveling! You’ll be ready to plan your next magical trip.

37) 38) 39)
40) 41) 42)


unicorns to bring sparkle to your kitchen

For the baker and cooker, these items for the kitchen are a must have. The kitchen towels (50) and (51) will make you smile every time you have to do the dishes, and the measuring spoons (46) make you want to bake right away. To set the table should use the ramen bowl (43) and the mugs (44-45), they are so gorgeous, paired with the breakfast set (49) (which includes two egg holders and salt ‘n’ pepper shaker), they will make your table a magical wonder land 🙂

43) 44) 45)
46) 47) 48)
49) 50) 51)


unicorns can even make school and work fun

Let’s have a look at that lunch bag (55) first, I mean, c’mon! How awesome to show up for lunch with that? And the pens (53), the stationary kit (57) and the bookmark (52) will make taking notes so easy and fun! Then put everything in your pencil case (54) and little backpack (56) and you’re good to go!

52) 53) 54)
55) 56) 57)


Let’s have a unicorn party

I just love the decoration set (58) and the colors! Combine it with cupcake toppers (59), balloons (62) and a garland (61), and you have the perfect set up right there. If you throw a party, don’t forget about the party giveaways! (60) and (63-66) are affordable but yet adorable gifts for your guests! So much fun!

58) 59) 60)
61) 62) 63)
64) 65) 66)


Unicorns for your children

Last but not least some items for unicorn loving parents! The book (70) has lovely prints and an easy, but lovely story. For the nursery add a rocking chair (71) and a basket (72) to keep things peaceful and organized. Then wrap your child up in that awesome hooded blanket (67). (68) is a personalized blanket and (69) comes as a set (pillow and blanket). So cute!

67) 68) 69)
70) 71) 72)


I hope you enjoyed the list. If you have questions or requests, let me know in the comment section.
Until then, sparkle on,
Your Majka ♥

December 5, 2017


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