Gift Guide: Squirrel Lovers

Are you missing gifts? Not that much time left? He or she loves squirrels?

Look no further, here is a gift guide. I browsed the Internet for the best gifts for squirrels, because I also know a squirrel fanatic. Sometimes it makes finding a present easier, because you know exactly what you can look for, but then it gets harder, because, don’t they already have everything squirrel related?

so here come my favorite items with squirrels to make your search a little easier. I divided them into the following categories:


  • …to wear
  • …for a cozy afternoon with tea and nuts
  • …to decorate your home
  • …to accessorize yourself
  • …for traveling
  • …for the kitchen
  • …to bring to work or school
  • …for having a party
  • …for the baby

Leave a comment, if you like any of them and/or already bought something and want to let us know how you like it.

Click on the picture, if you like it, it will lead you directly to the product*, as easy as that 🙂

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Squirrels to wear

Here are some very cute clothing items I found. I especially like the nerdy socks (3) and the cozy sweater (1)- that print is just too gorgoeus. Then put the feet in those comfy slippers (2) and you’re all set.

1) comfy sweater
2) cosy slippers

3) nerdy socks

4) fun print socks

5) “Squirrel Whisperer” T-shirt

6) “Spirit Animal” T-shirt


Squirrels for a cozy afternoon with tea and nuts

The mug (8) is just so funny to me as I have a psychology background and the mug says “I must be a squirrel, I attract all the nuts”…haha! Add the tea infuser to this gift: you just put your lose tea in the capsule and let the squirrel sit it out 🙂 warm and yummie tea. Also, the blanket (10) just looks so so cosy! And the bowl (9) with the squirrel sitting in between all those nuts. Don’t forget to include some nuts (12) to the gift!

7) cute tea infuser

8) funny mug

9) beautiful serving dish

10) cosy blanket

11) spinning tea light

12) delicious nuts


Squirrels to decorate your home

If you are looking for some unique items for decoration, just look at these. The wall clock (13) and the print (14) display such cute squirrels! And the second row will just make the bedroom so squirrely (not a word? maybe it should be? ;)) – a comforter (16), a floor mat (17) and a wall decal sticker (18).

13) cute wall clock

14) fun print

15) rustic pillow

16) comforter

17) artsy door mat

18) love wall decal


Squirrels to accessorize yourself

For the jewelry I looked really hard, because you just gotta get that one right! My favorite is probably the Origami necklace (19) because it is so pure, stylish and minimalistic, but yet so beautiful. and the charm (23) is darn cute. Then you can go ahead and put it all in the jewelry stand (22)- genious!

19) origami necklace

20) gorgeous button ear rings

21) unique ring set

22) best jewelry dish

23) cute charm

24) timeless bracelette


Squirrels for traveling

How gorgeous and so practical is the neck pillow (25)! For the abroad traveler the passport holder (29) ist  a must have. If you wear glasses, you will need the case (30) to protect them! and (28) is just a little, gorgeous toiletry bag! Really all you need for traveling! You’ll be ready to plan your next squirrel trip.

25) comfy neck pillow

26) adorable ear phones

27) Anatomy mug

28) handy toiletry bag

29) usefull passport cover

30) practical case


Squirrels for the kitchen

For the baker and cooker, these items for the kitchen are a must have. That kitchen towel (31) will make you smile every time you have to do the dishes, and the big spoons (33) make stirring easy. To set the table should use the napkins (35), they are so gorgeous, paired with the salt ‘n’ pepper shaker (34) they will make your table a squirrel eye catcher 🙂

31) artistic kitchen towel

32) engraved rolling pin

33) fun paddle spoon

34) adorable S&P shaker

35) elegant napkins

36) cute cookie cutter


Squirrels to bring to work or school

Let’s have a look at that lunch bag (39) first, I mean, c’mon! How awesome to show up for lunch with that? And the clips (37), the journal (41) and the bookmark (42) will make taking notes so easy and fun!

37) handy office clips

38) all-in pouch

40) packable backpack

41) pure journal

42) fancy bookmark


Squirrels for having a party

I just love the drink markers (44) you can put at the stemware! That way it doesn’t interfere with the drinking, like other drink markers, but it clearly assigns a drink to every guest. Combine them with a bottle opener (43) or the bottle stopper (45) and a bottle of wine and you have a perfect gift right there. If you throw a party, put the napkins (46) on the table along with the confetti (48) and serving bowl…perfect!

43) stylish bottle opener

44) the best drink marker

45) gorgeous bottle stopper

46) artsy napkins

47) practical serving dish

48) large table confetti


Squirrels for the baby

Last but not least some items for squirrel loving parents! The print (49) for the nursery is so calming! Along with the teething toy (50) and the rocking chair (54) you will have a peaceful baby (no promises here, though :)) You can store all the onsies (51) and clothing you get in the storage basket (52).

49) watercolor print

50) wooden teething toy

51) organic onsie

52) fun storage basket

53) comfy rocking chair


December 11, 2017