gifts for new mommies

Would you agree, that Mommies sometimes don't get the attention they deserve because most of the focus is (naturally and evolutionary) on the newborn. And that gifts are usually also directed at the baby. People gift pacifiers, clothing, toys...things for the baby.But isn't it also important that we take care of the new mommy? Make sure we help her, if she struggles? Admire her, if she is doing great?

gifts for new mommies


This post contains affiliate links and a lot of my personal opinion 🙂

Just to warn you, this is a bit of a personal blog post…

I have a very dear friend who just had her first baby and I admire her. She doesn’t see it herself, but she is handling an extremely stressful and difficult situation very well.

Not only is she taking care of the baby and trying to find her way into motherhood and her new role, but her husband and she are also in the process of buying property to build a house and she had to resettle the family into a new apartment in the meantime.

And still, she never forgets to ask about what is going on in my life and cares deeply about my well being. She never complains and is a real trooper.

She is the kind of selfless person who never puts herself first and now, as a new mommy, it gets especially hard to balance everybody’s needs and well-being.

So I decided to send her a little package with goodies just for her:

I searched online for ideas, but most gift ideas would be hospital or survival kits. Or things for the baby. But I wanted to send her something that delivers the message “It is ok that you are stressed and it is ok that you need a little time to yourself, too!”

So I sent her things to help her create a little spa just for herself at home. Something that she could use multiple times. Something that wouldn’t take her too much time or effort.

The box included the following items:


The links will get you directly to Amazon 🙂

Most of the things are from my favorite online store (yes, amazon, ’cause who doesn’t like free, fast and easy shipping) and the wine glass as well as the candle are from Saks. I also included a Lush bath bomb, because it was next to Saks (haha). I would probably just order one from Amazon now, since I wasn’t too convinced of the selection at Lush-  though the sales assistant was really nice.

And the Lalicious Body Scrub *Brown Sugar Vanilla is hands down the best body scrub I have ever bought. I discovered it first at a Spa on our honeymoon and have been addicted ever since. If you love Vanilla and Chocolate sents, this is for you! ♥


The box is filled up with rose petals and dried roses, some wrapping paper and a “Auszeitkarte” (=Time out card). And that’s it.

I hope you liked the post (even though it is personal…) and I hope my friend will enjoy the box!


Here’s a shopping list* with items for the ultimate Anti-Stress gift box! Every new mommy should get/have one! In case you don’t have time to put one together yourself, you can find a pre-made one here.


December 17, 2017